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About the youth program

If you are in grades 6-12, you should check us out! It is easy, show up, hang out and have a great time. We do crazy fun stuff as well as learn about God, Life and how it fits together!

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  • Grade 6-8 Tues / 7-830
  • Grade 9-12 Wens / 7-900
  • meet at the youth portable (behind the church)

Recent Pictures

We do some very fun stuff every week at youth group. check out these stills.

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What is a typical night like.
In short, its casually awesome!


At first, we just mingle. We have a store with candy/pop/chips etc.  And of course new comers get free candy!

  • Grade 6-8 Tues / 7-830
  • Grade 9-12 Wens / 7-900
  • meet at the youth portable (behind the church)


We speed though announcements to get to games! We play a few games, complete with prizes and a chance at “the imposable shot.” We always do one active and one creative type. Colin, our Youth Pastor has won awards for “awesome games.”


Finally we slow down, Colin introduces the topic of the night. We have a small group time, where we check in and build relationships. We work though a Bible study and relate it our own lives.

Meet Youth Pastor, Colin Dyck

Colin’s favourite food is Nandos Chicken. Colin spends his spare time playing Lego with son Rupert, reading to daughter Olivia, watching Doctor Who with wife Sarah and Whittling. Yes, whittling, he seems to believe if he can hone his whittling skills now, he can “pwn” his friends in the retirement home.

Colin has been with the Neighbourhood Church since 2009 and offered excellent leadership to the youth program.

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Colin Dyck,
Youth Pastor