Mens Coffee Time, or #mcttime

It is pretty much what it sounds like, a group of guys hanging out, talking about just about anything, nothing is off limits. No joke, in the same conversation I once heard the history of Texada Island, some guy talking about Doctor who, and a story of how a guy nearly lost his wife and child due to illness. We do this all while enjoying delicious coffee…or tea (no judgement here)

Who is welcome?

Whether you are 18 or 80 we’re accepting application. HA! Who are we kidding, there is no application process to come to “mcttime”. It’s open to all males 18 and up regardless of your religious background or connection.

Oh yah, we totally know what the extra “t” stands for, but were not telling!

When and Where

10am | Wenesdays

Take a look around Cabelas and join us for Coffee at the Tim Hortons!

At the Dickinson Road Timmies

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10am | Wenesdays

If you like to sleep in, or are retired, this is coffee time for you! The perfect mid-week break to hang out with friendly people.

At the Bowen Timmys

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Choose one, or the other, they are both great!

Other Activities.

We have had mens retreats, fishing trips, bible studies, and steak nights in the past. Yes steak night is exactly what it sounds like! If anything like that is on the horizon, we will let you know at the top of this page.

  • Fact: “Colin and Travis In the Morning” Started out as a promo for MCTTIME.