About Women’s Programs

The women of the Neighbourhood Church have always been active in our community, hard working in our church, and enjoy spending time together. Our programs are a place for women to connect, care, and foster meaningful, safe, and fun relationships.

It’s intentionally diverse.

Women of all ages are welcomed. We come from different backgrounds, different hometowns, and different church experiences (some have lots, some have none). Some ladies have children and others don’t. Others have grandchildren and some don’t. Our differences is what makes our women’s programs great.

On going programs

  • Tuesdays
  • 930am
  • At the Rutherford McDonalds
  • Come on out and enjoy coffee, a hash brown and some great conversation.
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    Other Activities.

    We also do retreats, spa trips, thrift shop trips, trips to the MCC fair, and giant tea parties (unfortunately the tea cups are regular size, but there are lots and lots of people at these). If there is anything on the horizon, it will be at the top of this page!