Impacting those around us.

As a group of Christ followers we want to be good neighbours to the people in our sphere of influence. This means the people we see and connect with each week, the people who need extra help in Nanaimo, and supporting those making a difference around the world.

How do we impact people?

The passion to impact those around us comes from a long Neighbourhood Church tradition of prison ministry at Nanaimo Correctional Centre. Out of this sparked a passion to serve people in our community. Below are some of the ways we serve our community. AND, yes we are always looking for new volunteers to join our teams!

Once a month a team puts on a Sunday night service for the inmates at the Nanaimo Correctional Centre. At christmas we collect toys for the inmates to give their children when they visit.
just before thanksgiving a team from our church prepares enough pies for the homeless dinner dessert. This dinner is put on for the homeless people of Nanaimo by…
On Thursday nights our church hosts the Loaves and Fishes food bank. This has been a huge blessing to north Nanaimo. if you want to get involved or want more information, please contact Loaves and Fishes directly.
Loaves and Fishes We do accept food and clothing donations dropped off here during our office hours.
CPC provides confidential, non-judgmental, pregnancy support services including practical help to anyone in need. A couple people from our church work and volunteer at the CPC regularly. 
Every other year, our church takes on a huge project to go above and beyond our goal in helping people. with the help of a social worker we get a list of 10 families who need help. We ask those families to make a wish list and we try to provide as much of it as we can. This is an amazing project to be a part of and see how everyone comes together to collect items, fill up our entire sanctuary with them and then deliver it all.
Each year a team of people cooks and delivers christmas dinner to different people in our city who would otherwise be unable to provide it for themselves.

Global Impact

At the Neighbourhood Church we directly sponsor two missionary families.

Godard, Trever and Joan
Country: Mexico
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Zuluaga, Einer and Girlesa
Country: Panama
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Refugee Sponsorship

As a Church, supported by other city churches and people we have sponsored a family.

When an opportunity to respond to a need is identified, we want to be ready to mobilize an effective and resourceful response. We have been privileged to serve in this way many times.