Covid Update

We take no pleasure in writing another COVID update. Honestly, it’s challenging to know what to say beyond acknowledging that living through a pandemic is exhausting and challenging.

The Omicron variant brings a lot of unknowns and the spike in cases creates a lot of stress and fear. When we combine this with the stress of Christmas and the bleak mid-winter we find ourselves in, it only magnifies the need of our church family to do the work of caring for one another.

Let’s all do what we can to check in, hold space, and care for one another: send a PM to a church friend on Facebook, text someone that you are thinking about this week, or even kick it old school and make a phone call. If you’re feeling alone, scared, or angry, please also make the effort to reach out. Jodie and Travis would also be happy to visit with you online or in-person.  Send us an email or call the church office at 250-758.2242.

In terms of our Sunday gatherings, we know that the new variant may change people’s comfort levels with attending church. We encourage you to follow your gut.  We are also available to talk with you as you discern what you want to do in this next phase.

Neighbourhood continues to follow the guidance of public health and that means our gatherings will continue to have a 50% capacity limit as well as mandatory masks for everyone school-aged and older.

We are pleased to be able to continue to  offer our livestream which provides an opportunity to stay connected even if we are not physically together.

Sunday School Pajama Day – January 2

This Sunday, we invite all the kids from preschool to grade 5 to wear their pjs or comfy cozies to watch a movie during Sunday school.

New Sermon Series – The Minor Prophets

This week we’ll begin a series on the minor prophets – 12 short books at the end of the Old Testament.  We’ll be looking at one prophet per week, starting with Jonah.  In preparation, you could read through Jonah, or take a look at the Bible Project’s videos on Jonah, and also the minor prophets (or see videos below).

Church Flooding

The snowstorms unfortunately caused some flooding in the church foyer. A wonderful clean up crew worked hard at minimizing the damage.

Thank you to Whitney for cleaning up inside and to Luke Barbour, Mike Jordan, Dave Wilms, and Russ Bueckert for helping Travis unclog roof drains and clear the flat roof of snow.  Shout out to Gerry Boy for finding us an industrial fan to help dry things out.

Blessings to our Neighbourhood family as we head into a new year.
Neighbourhood Church Team