What are care groups?

Care groups are small groups of people (usually 10-12) that meet weekly or bi-weekly

What are care groups for?

In a word: Connecting. This is done in 3 ways

  • Connecting with each other.

    Care Groups are about community. It’s a place where we share life and put love, caring & sharing, and service into practice.

  • Connecting Sunday to the rest of the week.

    In Care Groups we study the Bible together, focusing particularly on how our faith connects with our day-to-day life.

  • Connecting with God.

    By sharing life and studying together, care groups help us deepen our relationship with God. Groups are reminded of this by spending time during every gathering in prayer.

Our Care Groups

We have a handful of small groups that range from family hang out time, to weekly theology study sessions!

interested in joining, drop us a line here.

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