It’s intentionally diverse

Our community values creating ways for us to connect, care and foster meaningful, safe and fun relationships. People of all ages are welcomed. We come from different backgrounds, different hometowns and different church experiences (some have lots, some have none).
Below are some of the ways to connect to our community.

Care Groups

Care groups in a single word is: Connecting. This is done in 3 ways.
1. Care groups are about community. It’s a place we share life and put love, care and sharing, and service into practice.
2. In care groups we study the Bible together, focusing particularly on how our faith connects with our day-to-day life.
3. By sharing life and studying together, care groups help us deepen our relationship with God. Groups are reminded of this by spending time during every gathering in prayer.

Prayer Groups

There is a weekly zoom meeting where we pray for needs within our church family and the larger community around us.

Coffee Times

Open to all who love visiting over a hot or cold drink. Men’s and Women’s groups meet throughout the week, typically during the day. These are drop-in groups, no sign up and no commitment.

Book Club

Neighbourhood church has an ongoing book club. This book clubs is open to everyone and meets at Neighbourhood Church on the last Monday of each month. 

For the most recent book, sign up or more information please contact Simon or Mike at:

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in joining a group or want more info please contact the church office.