Covid Updates

The pandemic has thrown another curveball in our direction. New restrictions were announced in a press conference this early December that impact worship services. We are hoping to receive a written version of the new order in the day(s) ahead as we are looking to have several details clarified.  As we await further clarification, let’s be reminded that our commitment as a church is: to respect these new orders, to honour our calling to love our neighbours, and to choose a path that includes as many people as possible in our congregation. As you can imagine, decisions on how to proceed well are not done lightly and we want to make sure we make them thoughtfully.

For that reason we have decided to not rush a decision on our long term plan but have instead opted to make a choice based on a week by week basis.

Current update for Sundays (currently until the end of January 2022):
1.  Capacity capped at 50%.  While we don’t know exactly what that means, we estimate that to be about 110 people (including children).  We will have to close our doors once we reach 110 people in attendance on Sunday morning, including those actively participating in the service.

2.  Masks are mandatory in the building, for those 5 years and older.  Masks will be required throughout the whole service, including while seated.  We will be suspending coffee service this week.

Please check back to the website or sign up for our weekly newsletter for the most recent information on covid and how it’s impacting our community.

Neighbourhood Church Team