Programs During Covid

Covid has changed what Sunday morning looks like.  While we are hoping to get back to our familiar routines, we recognize that we might be living with this for awhile.

During this time, certain programs are running but as you know, things change quickly and often.

For info on our current programs, please contact the church office.

About NC Students

Students' Ministry is a big part of our life in The Neighbourhood. Did you know that 1 in 4 of the people who come to our Sunday morning service is under the age of 17? Just like with our big people, we want the youngest people of The Neighbourhood to experience church as a place where they belong and where they experience meaningful relationship with God and with each other.

Sunday Morning Programs

Our nursery is open from 10am to the end of our service.  Our volunteer team is equipped with years of experience with little ones, plenty of baby cookies and a paging system if your child needs you.

Mid-Week Programs

Coming soon!